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How does the windmills work ?

Wind energy is used so that the wind passes through the windmill blades and rotating base . The base is connected to a transferor and a generator , which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

What are the benefits of wind energy ?

Wind energy is not expensive , clean and reliable way to obtain energy without harmful effects - turbines do not emit chemical or radioactive contaminants .

What wind speed is necessary for the operation of windmills ?

The higher the wind speed , the better. Most small / micro wind turbines begin to produce electricity at a wind speed of 3-4 m / s and reaches a maximum at a wind speed of 10-12 m / s

What are the main benefits of wind energy ?

The wind is free and with the help of modern technology can be successfully utilized . When the construction of windmills over, do not produce pollutants and harmful gases . Although windmills are very high , do not take up much room . This means that the country is about windmills can still be used . This is particularly the case in rural areas , where farming continues uninterrupted . The wind is actually a form of solar energy , so it has similar benefits in terms of cleanliness energy efficiency and reproducibility . Some studies claim that there is enough wind to electricity supplies from third world needs . Small wind turbines can be used in remote locations to power houses that are too far away from the network .

What are wind-park ?

Windmills are being built together to form wind-park , to take advantage of windy places . Wind-park can be on land - in Vence mountain , mountain peaks , valleys and open spaces ; may be near the coast - on land , in the zone of 3 km from the coast or at sea , generally 10 km or more from shore .

How long the benefits of wind energy ?

For centuries , people have used vetroenergiju , to run the ship ( ancient Egyptians ) or to run the windmills mills ( Persians ) . The Dutch are famous for its windmills , which have been exploited as a model for današenje wind turbines .

Are the turbines are protected from severe weather conditions ( eg temperature) ?

The turbines are constructed to operate in a variety of weather conditions . Blades are made of carbon fiber and coated with a special paint coats, which minimizes shrinkage of ice when the turbine in motion . This technology is used for years in the Air Force , just to prevent such damage . In addition , for added security , advanced technology enables constant monitoring operation of the turbine sensors that detect the slightest changes in the propeller , and stop automatically when such changes occur. Therefore , we can have a look at each situation blades , based on the current technical data. Because of this and many other reasons , vetropark cibuk being in every sense safe .

How much wind energy is popular in the world and why so fast-paced ?

Electricity production from wind power is one of the most dynamic sectors of energy , which successfully replaced the old technique as polluting the environment . According to data for the end of 2011. , So far around the world , hundreds of thousands of wind turbines with a total capacity of approximately 238 GW ( 238,000 MW ) . The leaders in the production of wind energy are the European Union , China and the United States . The United States in the period 2007 - 2009th succeeded in duplicating the installed capacity from 17 GW to 35 GW , to keep them in late 2011th maximizing the nearly 47 GW . Clean and safe energy production from wind enabled the development of large projects such as Vetroparka Roscoe , Texas ( vetropark largest in the world with a capacity of 780 MW ) . In Europe, the pioneers in the field of wind energy are Germany ( 29,060 MW ) , Spain ( 21,674 MW ) , Italy ( 6,747 MW ) , France ( 6,800 MW ) , and Britain ( 6540 MW ) . During the 2011th EU-wide installed 10,281 MW of new power generation capacity from wind . Wind energy is a renewable energy source with the currently fastest growth in the sector of energy production in the EU . As far as the share of total new wind capacity in in 2001. Were in the field of energy in Europe , the wind was in third place after the solar energy and immediately after the gas elsewhere . Germany , a country known for its strict and specific investment approach had 2009th year 19,460 installed turbines with a total capacity of 27 GW , and the 2011th over 29 GW . In this country, is planned to be up to the 2020th year of wind capacity is increased to 40 GW . This example suggests that green technologies when used in high volume cost-effective and efficient . Another example is Denmark , which more than 25 percent of its energy needs from wind energy , and is planning to climb this to 50 percent by 2020. Year . The largest European vetropark Fantanele ( Romania ) started production on 22 February 2010. . Continental Wind Partners, an investor in the project vetroparka cibuk in metals, is responsible for the preparation and implementation . Vetroparka Fantanele capacity is 600 MW . Further development of wind energy is required for environmental and economic reasons . According to calculations of the International Energy Agency , but the 2015th wind energy will be less expensive than traditional energy . And at this point the wind Europe saves 6 billion euros per year , an amount that would, but the wind was spent on conventional energy sources . Source : European Society for wind energy ( EWEA )

Are the turbines that will be used safe ?

The project will be equipped with new turbines superior quality , which emit very low noise level and high-tech control systems which are reduced . Top security turbine shall be ensured by regular controls , inspections and measurements installation . As a responsible investor CWS comply with all technical requirements and requirements , including those relating to the protection of thunder and fire .

Why is the introduction of wind power important ?

Energy needs are met by a large majority of power plants , while the rest of the energy produced from large hydroelectric power plants . Most power plants are old and inefficient with huge emissions of harmful gases . Most abundant energy source is coal , a major emitter of carbon dioxide and so big polluter that seriously threatens human health and contributes to climate change . For traditional energy sources are considered to be cheap dining , just because their costs are not directly included factors such as health , pollution , global dissolved , energy dependence . Although not included , the company paid them anyway . Day is not far when Serbia will fall under the directive of the European Union, according to which the power plant and other similar power plants have to pay for emissions of CO ₂ . When this happens , it is estimated that the energy from coal will be more expensive than energy from vetra.U interest is to adapt these goals in the simplest , cleanest , and most importantly , the cheapest way . The development of wind energy sector attracted and will attract serious foreign investment as well as create hundreds , if this development is dynamic and perhaps thousands of new jobs . This energy can be produced and export product . Every delay in the development of renewable energy sector will have its big price in the future .

Will the method of use of agricultural land be altered ?

Typical vetropark with about 40 turbines covering an area of 40 square kilometers , but only a small portion of land ( about 1 % ) occupy the turbines and access roads . The largest part of the land remains available for agriculture . The investor will take care of a safe turbine operation without affecting the cultivation of the land . All previous studies have shown that wind turbines do not in any way affect the crops and they can be bred at a distance of only 5-6 meters from the steps of the turbine . There are no data on how to work wind turbines could reduce the value of land in the area vetroparka . It is important to always keep in mind that the country will continue to be used and processed during and after completion of work vetroparka . Recent studies have shown that wind turbines actually improve crops in the nearby area . In addition to produce clean electricity , vetroparkovi create the effect of cooling and reduced humidity , creating better working conditions for crops during the hot and humid days . Wind turbine not only protect crops from disease , but also enhance the binding of carbon dioxide in the process of photosynthesis .

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