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How to buy

How To Buy GET Wind Turbines?

If you are interested in GET wind turbine, you can choose to buy wind turbines
From Dealer: GET has an established dealers' network; You may check our dealers page to find a dealer near you.
From GET: You may buy wind turbine directly from GET if there is not a dealer near you.

For Price:

The price listed in the PDF is for the customers who purchase wind turbine directly from GET. If you buy a wind turbine from our dealers, the price is floating according to the different dealers.


Why have these different prices?

Our dealers are responsible to install and maintain the wind turbines in the warranty period. You do not need install the wind turbine yourself and the support response is quickly.

If you directly buy from GET, you need to install the wind turbine yourself or your local installers. The warranty and support will be provided by Aeolos Wind Energy.

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